Welcome to the Body of Knowledge

The Body of Knowledge charitable endowed trust was founded by Mr. & Mrs. Morton H. Sachs. Our goal is to add information about important valuable art collections to the body of knowledge.
The Body of Knowledge exists to provide the highest level of conservation of these collections and present them in perpetuity on the internet, through our charitable endowed trust. -Morton H. Sachs
The listings are to be limited to private collections of a very narrow focus, that can be used as a reference by anyone in the world who is interested in the subject. Eclectic collections do not qualify. Recognizing important private collections and their owners in perpetuity allows presentation of these art collections and heirlooms in an easy to access, and easy to use format for the immortality of the information. To include your collection in The Body of Knowledge, please contact Morton Sachs at (502) 457-3131 or through the email link on our contact page.