About the Collector

Collector Morton H. Sachs and wife Kathy

Collector Morton H. Sachs and wife Kathy

I am an incurable collector. I am also in the pursuit of harnessing knowledge about collectibles.

From my first collection of Zuni Fetish Carvings, I have pursued my avocation, concentrating on a very narrow focus. I have always turned to the experts and have engaged brilliant scholars along the way to add the correct descriptions to these precious objects.

I value the information as well as the object itself and often donate the material once it is studied.

Collectors often die with their collections. While they have the joy of the hunt, and the pleasure of owning, there can be more. Think of the concept of sharing it with the world.

Museums often do not have the storage or the exhibition space, whereas the internet has unlimited exhibition space.

To add to the body of knowledge of the world has always been my inspiration. This web site accomplishes that goal.

Morton H. Sachs