Staffordshire Figurines

A showcase of a beautiful and historically interesting collection of English earthenware pottery created between 1780-1840 in Staffordshire, England. Featuring Polito’s Menagerie and Wombwell’s Menagerie.

Victory of Spirit

The Victory of Spirit award and related lecture series were established in 1988 by the Louisville Community Foundation and the University of Louisville to homor the devotion of Mary and Barry Bingham to ethical conduct. The award aims to demonstrate that ethical conduct is worthwhile and is valued by the Greater Louisville Community.

The Dragon Club is a not-for-profit club made up of collectors of rare Chinese antiques. Website includes several personal collections of members.

Steamship Postcards

Steamship Postcards exhibits a collection of vintage steamship postcards and collectibles ranging from the early to mid 1900’s. An example of Deltiolgy, the formal name used in the United States for postcard collecting, the collection includes postcards that exhibit steamship images and art, as well as images of dockyards, landing stages and pastoral scenes.

Navajo Stories features Franc Johnson Newcomb’s stories of the Navajo people, art and culture. Includes thousands of pages of notes, manuscripts, correspondence and more.

Navajo Photographs features Franc Johnson Newcomb’s photographs of the Navajo people, art and culture. Over 200 of her photographs taken from her time spent with the Dine people during the 1930’s and 1940’s are showcased.

Franc Johnson Newcomb

Eight months after New Mexico attained statehood in 1912, Franc Lynette Newcomb came west by railroad to teach at the Navajo Indian boarding school in Fort Defiance, Arizona. She became known as an Indian trader’s wife and was eventually recognized within academic circles as a scholar and writer on Navajo religious ceremonials. Newcomb’s documentation of Navajo art and culture has made a significant impact on Southwestern studies.

Navajo Sand Paintings features Franc Johnson Newcomb’s documentation of Navajo art and culture, including papers, texts, and the reproduction of ritual sandpaintings onto a two-dimensional painted surface. Her work, abetted by her friendship with Navajo leader Hosteen Klah, continues to be instrumental to the preservation of Navajo culture.

Inkwells from the Estate of Beth Goldman Atlanta, GA

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